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Top 10 Free Things to Do in Antalya for an Unforgettable Holiday

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Top 10 Free Things to Do in Antalya for an Unforgettable Holiday


Is your heart itching for an unforgettable holiday without breaking the bank? Well, the coastal city of Antalya, Turkey’s answer to Miami, offers an array of free activities that serve as trusty tour guides to this heavenly holiday hotspot. Vlogged by travelers or jotted down in dusty old travel journals, this article compiles the top 10 free things to showcase this pearl of the Mediterranean in all its splendor, mirroring the magical blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. We will dive into details of captivating landmarks, delve into the delights of beach escapades and give you tips on how to explore a rich array of cultural offerings, all without spending a cent.

Immerse in the Atmospheric Old Town

Kaleiçi, Antalya’s atmospheric old town, is a maze of narrow cobbled streets adorned with Ottoman-era architecture. This amalgamation of history and idyllic beauty comes without a price tag. Take a leisurely stroll in this living canvas, soak in its historic aura, admire the wooden houses with their most intricate embellishments and the sporadically strewn ruins dating back to Roman times.

The Awe-inspiring Hadrian’s Gate

Marvel at the majestic Hadrian’s Gate, a historic marvel that stands as a proud testament to Roman grandeur. This triumphant arch was constructed to celebrate Emperor Hadrian’s visit to the city. An enthralling spectacle at night when it gracefully glows under the warm embrace of illuminating lights, it’s a sight not to be missed.

Discover Delightful Düden Waterfalls

East of Antalya, the Upper Düden Waterfalls cascade into a pool that’s perfect for picnics and cool, refreshing dips. But not to forget the lower falls – plunging straight into the Mediterranean from high cliffs. It’s a natural spectacle that carves a smile on the face of every onlooker, making it a priceless yet free gift of nature.

The Mesmerizing Mermerli Beach

Nestled intimately next to the old port, with the shimmering sea at your toes and surrounded by a natural screen of rocks, Mermerli Beach is one of Antalya’s hidden wonders. Graced by the beauty of the turquoise sea and the charm of centuries-old sights, it’s an ideal place for both sunbathing and swimming, providing a much-needed reprieve from the busy city life.

Interact with History at Antalya Museum

While entrance to the Antalya Museum comes with a fee, it’s charming and well-maintained garden sprinkled with statues and sarcophagi is completely free to explore. For the history buffs amongst us, this would be like stepping into a time machine set for an intriguing expedition into the pages of history.

The Vibrant Antalya Market

A visit to Antalya would be incomplete without venturing into the bustling local market. Lose yourself among the stands rich with color, aromatic with spices, foods, and local handicrafts. Haggling might be a tough nut to crack, but absorbing the vibrant, lively atmosphere is absolutely free.


Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or an ardent beach bum, Antalya harbors a wealth of offerings that don’t require a single dime. Its coastal charm combined with its historical heart has enough punch to pack an unforgettable holiday. So, grab your sun hat, your comfortable shoes, and let Antalya amaze you without asking anything in return.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time to visit Antalya?

The months between April and October offer the best weather for beach activities and outdoor explorations.

2. Is Antalya safe for tourists?

Yes, Antalya is considered safe for tourists with a consistently low crime rate.

3. What is Antalya known for?

Antalya is famous for its stunning blue-flag beaches, historic old town, delicious cuisine, and lively local markets.

4. How far are the Düden Waterfalls from Antalya city center?

The Upper Düden Waterfalls are about a 15-minute drive from Antalya city center, while the lower falls are approximately 10 km.

5. Do you need to pay to enter Kaleiçi?

No, you can freely walk around and explore Kaleiçi, the historic city center. However, specific sites or museums within may charge an entry fee.


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