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Golden Tours Antalya: Discovering the Hidden Gems of Turkey’s Jewel


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Wondering what makes Antalya the sparkling gem in Turkey’s tourism treasure trove? Allow us to introduce you to the unforgettable Golden Tours of Antalya, your gateway to the stunning landscapes, mesmerizing historical attractions, and unparalleled experiences that render this Mediterranean resort city a destination like no other. Deemed the ‘Turkish Riviera’, it presents the perfect amalgamation of natural beauty, rich history, vibrant culture, and warm Turkish hospitality.

In the ensuing lines, we will take you through an enlightening journey across some of Antalya’s hidden jewels. From untrodden beaches to mystical ancient ruins, delectable local cuisine to bustling bazaars – we promise a tour drenched in dazzling discoveries and splendid surprises at every turn.

The Glory of Ancient Antalya

The allure of Antalya is like an intricately woven tapestry of historical magnificence and cultural richness. Medieval architecture stands in blissful coexistence with Roman ruins, Byzantine churches, intricate mosques, and age-old cobbled streets, painting a riveting mosaic of epochs passed.

Aspendos – A Nod to the Past

A cornerstone in Antalya’s historical repertoire is Aspendos, an antique Roman city renowned for its remarkably preserved theatre. The echoes of gladiatorial spectacles, horse races, and beautiful arts still resonate across the theatre’s captivating construction. It’s a dip into the past that brings the yesteryears alive.

Natural Attractions Galore

Insignificant in scale yet immense in spirit, Antalya boasts an inspiring medley of picturesque sights – from sparkling white beaches embraced by turquoise waters to dramatic canyons paying homage to nature’s craftsmanship.

Köprülü Canyon – A Gift of Nature

A definite highlight of Antalya’s natural wonders is the stunning Köprülü Canyon. Its emerald-green river, cradled by towering rocks adorned with lush forests, offers endless adventure opportunities like rafting and trekking. It provides the thrill seekers with their adrenaline fix while serenity seekers find solace in its tranquil beauty.

Savour the Flavours of Antalya

The gastronomic journey through Antalya is as delightful as its aesthetic charms. Turkish cuisine is a sumptuous feast of exotic flavors that are as diverse as the country’s cultural tapestry itself.

Piyaz – A Slice of Antalyan Cuisine

A local dish that deserves special attention is Piyaz, a bean salad made with sesame oil and tahini. Far from the boisterous buzz of the city centre, exploring hidden eateries serving such local delights becomes an intrinsic part of the Golden Tours of Antalya.

Shopping Spree at Kaleiçi

What’s a visit to Antalya without a shopping spree? Kaleiçi, Antalya’s ancient heart, is an ideal place to pick up wonderful souvenirs, handmade artefacts, and traditional Turkish textiles.

Old Town Bazaar: A Shopper’s Paradise

Teeming with an array of fascinating shops nestled amidst a labyrinth of narrow winding streets, the Old Town Bazaar is a shopper’s delight. From artisanal ceramics to colourful carpets, the bazaar stands as a testament to Turkey’s vivid handicraft heritage.


Immersing yourself in the enchanting aura of Antalya promises a vacation painted with vivid strokes of history, culture, adventure, gastronomy, and shopping. On Golden Tours Antalya, every winding alley leads to an invigorating discovery, and every chapter unfurls an alluring surprise. The bewitching Antalya experience amalgamates elements that cater to diverse travel preferences, making it a timeless treasure on the map of global tourism.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is there to see in Antalya?

Antalya offers a wealth of attractions, from beautifully preserved Roman ruins like Aspendos to natural wonders like Köprülü Canyon. The city’s aesthetic beauty is complemented by its vibrant cuisine and bustling local markets, like the Old Town Bazaar.

2. What local dishes should I try in Antalya?

‘Piyaz’, a local bean salad prepared with sesame oil and tahini, offers a delightful taste of Antalyan cuisine. Delicious kebabs, Turkish delight and a wide variety of seafood are also worth exploring.

3. What can I buy in Antalya’s Old Town Bazaar?

The Old Town Bazaar is teeming with fascinating shops selling artisanal ceramics, colourful carpets, handmade souvenirs, and traditional Turkish textiles.

4. Is it safe to visit Antalya?

Yes, Antalya is considered safe for tourists. As with any travel destination, it’s wise to stay vigilant and keep personal belongings secure.

5. Are there any adventure activities in Antalya?

Indeed, Antalya offers various adventure activities, particularly in areas like Köprülü Canyon, where tourists can partake in rafting and trekking amidst stunning natural beauty.


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