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How To Get From Bodrum To Antalya


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How To Get From Bodrum To Antalya


So, you’re soaking up the sun in beautiful⁤ Bodrum and wonder how you can glide gracefully to alluring Antalya? Allow us to provide a concise but comprehensive guide on how to⁤ make your transition from⁤ Bodrum to Antalya as smooth as an Anatolian silk rug. The coastal trip, peppered‍ with unbeatable panoramic views and branches out to various forms of travel, is an adventure within your⁣ Mediterranean tour. It’s only a matter of time before your ⁢next tempting Turkish treat awaits in Antalya.

The Route – Bodrum to Antalya

Travelling from Bodrum to Antalya, down Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, is a dazzling journey that unveils the ‌picturesque progression of the Mediterranean seashore. While the most direct ⁣route for road trips is approximately 315 kilometers‌ (about 196 miles), aside from driving, other viable options⁤ include scenic boat rides, express flights, and comfortable coach rides.

Driving from Bodrum to Antalya – By‌ Car or Car Hire

If you’re into open-air pursuits and freedom‍ of the road, renting a car and driving might be your best ⁢bet to traverse from Bodrum to Antalya. Picture the scene – ⁢the sun dazzling down on your ‌soft-top as you glide along the Turquoise Coast, pausing when and where you please to⁤ enjoy a roadside ‌baklava. Had Sam‍ Mendes directed a ⁤road movie⁣ set in Turkey, I imagine something similar.

Sailing‌ From Bodrum to ⁤Antalya – By Boat or Ferry

Perhaps your tastes lean more toward marine magnificence? In‍ such case, sit back, relax,⁤ and let the enchanting beauty of the Mediterranean enfold you. While boats might‍ take a touch longer, the languid trip will submerge you in serene seaside⁣ scenes, inked out against azure Aegean skies.

Boat Trips – Savor the Scenic Sea Route

Boat trips prove a perfect excuse to drop anchor at various coastal enclaves, exploring⁣ tucked away beaches and hidden-in-coves Cittaslow towns. Moreover, gazing upon Chimaera flames in Olympos or stumbling upon the ruined‍ city of Kekova would be stunning ways to refine your trip.

Flying from Bodrum ⁢to Antalya ‍– Expeditious Air Travel

Time-efficiency your priority? Consider catching a swift internal flight. Such convenience equates to less travel time and more beach time. So, you’ll be sipping a sazerac cocktail while watching the sunset over the Konyaaltı beach, all in the blink of an ⁤eye!

Flights – Switching Scenery Swiftly

With an estimated‌ flight duration of one hour, this ⁢route ensures your Turquoise Coast trip comes with copious ‍amounts of relaxation. Exciting news ‌for those who have sky-high expectations of their Turkish jaunt!

Route by Bus – Affordable ‍and Comfortable

Prefer wheels on the ground but ​don’t wish to hire a​ car? Fret ⁢not; a bus trip is a befitting solution. With comfy seats, air conditioning, ⁣and WiFi, Turkish buses are nothing short of mobile palatial lounges. Many operators run this route daily, so options are⁣ plentiful.

Buses –⁤ The Budget-Friendly Way

The route by bus is much like riding a well-cushioned⁤ magic carpet that glides down the Turkish coast.‍ Besides, it has the added advantage of tuning‌ in ⁣to the radio as your​ Turkish tea is served⁢ en-route.


From scenic sea ferry routes through sunset-soaked skylines, to quaint countryside roads and convenient coach rides, getting to ​Antalya from Bodrum is an exploration invented within‌ a vacation. The journey promises to‍ gift an array of unforgettable memories.

Frequently Asked‌ Questions

1. How far is it from Bodrum​ to⁢ Antalya?

– The direct route between Bodrum and Antalya is approximately 315 kilometers ⁤(about 196 miles).

2. How long does it take to travel⁢ from Bodrum to Antalya by‍ car?

– It ⁢takes an estimated ‍4-5 hours to drive from Bodrum ⁢to Antalya.

3. Are ⁣there flights from Bodrum to Antalya?

– Yes, there are domestic flights ⁢between Bodrum and Antalya that take around one hour.

4. Can I take a bus from Bodrum to Antalya?

– Yes, there are regular coach services from Bodrum to Antalya, the journey lasts about 5-6 hours.

5.​ Can I take a ⁢ferry from Bodrum to Antalya?

– Yes,⁤ you can enjoy a scenic ferry ride between Bodrum and Antalya. The⁢ journey time⁢ varies depending on the ferry company⁣ and the route they take.


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