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How To Get To Perge From Antalya?


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Embarking on an ⁢escape⁢ to Perge from Antalya

Pack‍ your⁤ bags people, your next‍ question is ⁢probably “how do I​ get to Perge from Antalya? Well, your answer, in a nutshell, is through ​a blend of public transport means or by there are a plethora of guided tours available. Both⁢ these options speak‌ to either the economic traveller or those‌ seeking ‌a more comfortable‍ and knowledgeable journey. Throughout this article, ⁣we will unpack these options in ⁣a step ⁤by step manner ⁢and navigate‍ you through this captivating cultural experience.

The path to Perge

First off, Perge is an archaeological‍ site located around 15 kilometers east of Antalya, bustling with rich history and stunning architecture. The most common way ⁣travellers embark on ⁤this journey⁢ is through the local minibuses (dolmuş) that frequent ‌this route daily.

Starting from Antalya’s city centre, you can find dolmuş at the Antalya Bus ⁤Terminal. It would indeed be ⁣a ride to remember, as we meander through the lush Turkish landscapes and townscapes — a feast for​ the eyes that’s sure to whet ⁣your ​appetite ​for the grandeur that Perge promises.

Marking the journey

Around half an hour. That’s pretty much all the time ​you need to reach Perge from Antalya via ‍the dolmuş. The minibuses are quite ‍frequent and operate⁣ from early morning until late evening, giving travellers ample flexibility to plan their trip. But do remember, time does fly when you’re on a‍ holiday, so plan accordingly!

Guided Tours – the comfortable route

Then we have ⁢the guided tours. ​Now, ​we aren’t talking ‌about just‍ a ride here folks. More than mere⁣ transportation, a guided tour pampers you with convenience, comfort, and a‌ commensurate amount of contextual⁤ knowledge about Perge.

From your hotel pick-up to your⁣ drop-off post the tour, everything is seamlessly arranged. So sit back, relax, and listen‌ as‌ the tour guide unravels the rich history and ‍tales⁤ of the ancient ​city‌ and its ⁢fascinating remains.

Perks of picking a tour guide

Opting for a guided tour saves you the⁣ hassle of making transport arrangements​ yourself. In addition,⁣ these ⁤tours often encompass other nearby significant sites⁢ such ⁤as Aspendos ‍and Side, making it‍ a comprehensive experience.

Getting to ⁣Perge on your terms

If the idea of going ‍off the beaten ​path and doing things your way excites you, then hiring a taxi or renting a‌ car from Antalya to reach⁢ Perge could be your best bet. These are certainly⁣ pricier options but remember, you’re in full control⁢ of your⁢ journey here, making​ stops at your leisure⁢ and exploring this magnificent region at your pace.

Roaming free and easy

Sure, having your own​ wheels spells freedom but bear in mind things like parking and navigation as you embark on this‌ journey. Nevertheless, the drive ‌from Antalya to Perge is relatively ‍straightforward,⁢ thanks to Google Maps, and the well-maintained Turkish⁤ roads‌ make this journey a joy.

Wrapping up your trip to Perge

Now you’re well-informed on the multiple ways to travel from Antalya⁤ to Perge. We’ve covered the popular,⁤ pocket-friendly dolmuş, the informative guided‌ tours, and the adventurous⁣ self-drive options. It’s safe to say⁣ that each‍ traveller can find a route that‌ best ‌suits‍ their preferences and⁣ budget. ⁣So don’t wait around. Hop on, and prepare yourself for a historical journey⁤ to‌ remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. ​ Are there any specific timings⁣ to visit Perge?

‍ ⁣ The archaeological⁢ site of Perge is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, the timings may vary depending on the​ season.

2. What are⁢ the ticket prices for Perge?

There is a small entry fee for Perge, but it’s well worth the price⁤ considering the historical value ​and the remarkable ⁢condition of​ the ruins.

3. Do the guided ⁤tours include ​entry fees?

Typically,​ the ticket prices for the sites visited are included in the total cost of these guided tours.

4. How long does it take to get around⁤ Perge?

⁣ Ideally, setting aside around 2-3 hours should give you⁢ ample time to explore Perge thoroughly.

5. Is it possible to get a taxi back to Antalya from Perge?

Yes, taxis are available for hire⁤ to ‍return to Antalya from Perge. However, ⁢it’s generally more ⁢convenient and time-saving to ⁣arrange ‌a return taxi in‌ advance.


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